September 14, 2009

And then she died

Rest in peace, Lora. It was a rough morning.
Lora got up early Saturday, the second day after her nails were clipped under sedation. She was hung over on Friday and shook it off when she got up. She smelled the T-bone steak Gail couldn't eat when we came home Friday night.
When I took it out of the fridge for treats and tricks, she ran to Gail's apartment as if to say "Thank you." She was beaming!
She did a couple sit pretties, shake and chokala. Then she ran out to "make pee pee." She wasn't gone but a few minutes, just out the door to the median strip, and across the street in the La Gloria neighborhood of Isla Mujeres to visit Baut.
Baut didn't move to play and she ran home. But as soon as she got in the door, she was thrown to the side, then began to tremble. I knew. I am an islander.
I put her on her doggie bed, hugged her and grabbed the cell phone. When Delfino got the call, he knew. He had tended to another strychnine patient at 3am. There would be more.
He came quickly, living just down the hill. He gave her a shot of valium to calm the shakes and spasms. I knew he could not save her. Stychnine is hard to reverse.
He tried. She got other drugs including morphine. If the spasms can be stopped, the system can be purged, hydrated and chelated - sometimes resulting in a saved life. But Delifino saw all he could do was euthanize her with an overdose.
While I waited, Federico came over, said he was sorry, and began to clean his steps where the poison laid. He has a Chihuahua who parents both died in the poisoning of 2007, when it was one day old. Grandchildren up and down the steps all day long. He was sullen.
Delfino didn't call right away. But then he did, informing me of the outcome and beginning to talk arrangements. She was cremated in Cancun with other pets. To have her done separate would cost much more and having her ashes in the garden was not important to me.
He came later with the certificate from the new pet crematory in Cancun.
It says he was prayed over and has gone to nicer pastures with her Pastor.
Sunday morning, the garbage men came, looking for her and the others. In past years, police officers put dead dogs in garbage bags during the night so the garbage men could pick them up before children went out.
Later in the day, people came buy and said there was a cute stray here, another one there, that didn't take the poison and needed homes. The Maya plant lady, Lucila, said she knew a Lora look-alike, a skinny male, near La Bruja, needed a home. Alison at Amigos los Animales has a cute guy, too.
Because it is considered against nature, sterilization has not gained much popularity here. Status breeds like "bull terri" have. Then, they are turned loose when failure to manage a household means no food for the dogs. They eat from garbage cans, often returning to their old homes to sleep. But they are dirty street dogs, a menace.
Can't the people in charge see the difference? Have they never experienced unconditional love? Are they so short sighted to not see that children suffer, lose faith in governance as they grow up? That children could play on surfaces the poison has touched and die themselves?
Lora's poison was on the steps inside the gate of Federico's house, where Baut laid without moving as Lora took the meat, meat from a bull that was euthanized after being hit by a truck on its way to tonight's bull fight.
There is a lot wrong in paradise. The door to door vendors came yesterday with neighborhood body counts and inquiries about our Lora. Pobrecita, they said, and walked away, slowly shaking their heads and looking back. Then, I cried.


Islaholic Trixie said...

You will make a difference in Lora's honor. I just know it!!

Anonymous said...

This is just so terrible, Zina. I am writing this with tears in my eyes. My heart really goes out to you. The officials of IM need to stop this practice!


Life's a Beach! said...

Zina, placing poison bait anywhere is horrific, but the government would almost seem to be positioning it where they know people's pets will find it and die an unspeakable death. Inside a gate on the steps to a house where locals know the occupant has a dog! I do not understand how a government could play Russian roulette with the public health in such an irresponsible manner. It's barbaric. Why not pick up problem strays instead of murdering pets with collars and endangering public health?

I hope Lora is finally the dog that makes the difference!

gog said...

Hi Zina, I went through the same some years ago when my neighbour Tino, yes Coral Diver Tino, decided he had enough of the neighbourhood pets and decided to put poison out for them! Well I lost a labrador, a cocker spaniel and 1 cat! When I confronted him he said "it wasn´t meant for your pets Gladys". I went to the ministerio publico and told them how the cat came in through the window dying and laid on my daughter´s bed and how she could have come in contact with the poison. All they said was "did she die?" When I said no they said, "Oh, then there is nothing we can do". People are cruel towards animals, they do not see them as living, feeling creatures, more like toys to play with for a while!
So sorry Zina, take care.

Anonymous said...

Words cannot describe my sorrow for you. A pet owner/lover for many years, I have never had to go through this kind of horror.

My heart cries for you.


Islagringo said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss and the horrible way that it happened. Do I understand you to say that some government office is responsible for spreading poisoned meat around the island? And on private property to boot? This is just so outrageous, irresponsible and incredible. Again though, I am so sorry your beautiful dog got caught in this awful trap.

IslaZina said...

There is deniability, no? But it was strychnine, only available to government. Lora has made a beautiful poster child. Let's let our vets and doctors handle it from here.

Scottozoid said...

One of her loving nicknames was "La Estupida" but she wasn't really stupid: she was an innocent soul, loving and trusting. A good dog, a sweet and kindly natured dog.

Her murder is horrible and unjustified, no matter what social or economic circumstances are presented as excuses. Murder is murder and cruelty is cruelty.

I am still grieving with you Zina. I am grateful to have known Lora and happy that I did get to make the portrait series of her for your memories.

D and B W said...

Zina, I am so sorry. When we visit the island we always befriend not only stray dogs but those that friends we have met own (Petey for one). We always wonder if they will be there upon our return because we have heard about the government's poisoning of animals. This not only makes me very sad but angry as well. It sounds as if you gave Lora a great few years.

Chicagotom said...

Zina, Our hearts go out to you. Our Dylan looks just like Lora, it's just so sad and so unjust. I have read about her ever since you got her and feel like I've also lost a dear friend............

KfromMichigan said...

I am so very sorry for your loss. People that do bad things to animals should have the same done to them!

Mudd a.k.a. Oza Meilleur said...

Bonjour Zina...

I'm so very sorry for the terrible fate that Lora had to endure. I read about your loss in Renée Wathelet's post on "Petits minous et gatitos." Needless to say, I was disgusted to learn of such barbaric practices.

Though we don't know each other, I feel your pain and hope you'll find another "friend" soon.

Big Hugs & Lots of Love,
Mudd a.k.a. Oza

Anonymous said...

My family, too, lost our rescued deaf dog "Poncho" last Valentine's day to the poison truck. Our 3 dogs were behind a 10 foot wall across from the vet, and were still thrown the meat. Fortunately, only one pet perished but my little girl's best friend was gone. The government, in their sick way of thinking, sees the clean-ups as good for tourism. That is why they will target the beaches and outer roads first. Tourists need to start writing letters and threatening to boycott Isla and spend their money elsewhere if these practices do not stop. Unfortunately, the corrupt government here only understands money. They can not be reasoned with otherwise.