September 28, 2009

Dog tired!

Boca blogs:
I am pooped! Big world out there. Mommie let me watch her plant lettuce seeds, then she and Sergio left and came back. They put me in the pet carrier and next thing I know, I'm at Lucien's with his mommie Lorena.
No one told me about cats. I never saw a cat before. I played jungle with them in the garden, but it was scarey. They are bigger than me. I am just a little puppy!
When Lucien the poodle took me to the swimming pool, I was fearless. I didn't realize what it was until I fell in. I could swim. I swim!
Lorena and mommie kept swimming. Then they had salad right where smaller parties at LoLoLorena's restaurant sit. Very nice.
Mommie gave me my food. But Lucien decided it was his place and ate a lot. Then the cat named Chocalate Kiss started to eat it!
MarLouisa came by. She knows doggies and put me back in the pool and taught me how to swim better. It was a hot day, so I didn't mind. But boy am I tired. Mommie says Alison would say DogGone tired! She says that's where I really came from. Alison's! That's Isla Animals to big people with big hearts.
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Jackie said...

This was great. Thanks for the smile.