September 9, 2009

When stuff happens...

Gail and Kathryn and I are enjoying low season on Isla, hopping from beach club to beach club.
But there is the disturbing matter of my former employee with whom I had been so generous. I allege he took my debit card and milked my overdraft protection. He alleges I got out of my sick bed and milked my overdraft protection to set him up to recoup my payment of his first month's rent at his new home.
So, stay tuned. And understand that I am out with the girls having fun. Oh, except for this afternoon around 5pm, when I will see the oral surgeon from the Navy base about a failing tooth implant. Treating me will involve cutting the "tooth" out of the bone. Oh, lordie. And it was placed in two stages under general anesthesia 17 years ago.
Here's smiles!

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