September 23, 2009

Ch Ch Changes...

A homicide in the Isla expat community, thunderboomers, bills paid, different jobs, new doggie dog, new diagnoses.
It has been a week of changes on Isla Mujeres, that's for sure.
After the air cleared yesterday, after the 5am thunder and lightening and massive rain, I went to Centro to pay the electric bills.
Mauricio was there and asked if I wanted to try his restaurant soon. Pp's, behind the church, offers Maya cuisine from 8am. Closings will vary as it is also a karaoke bar! We made a date for an evening haircut.
Afterward, I stopped at the Navy store and passed by Wayne, out already after blogging eloquently about the rains. The Navy store has more different things to consider: Sun screens for about a dime an ounce, or 125 pesos for 12 ounces. Not that I ever consider sunscreens! Good silver cleaning products and other cleaners we only see on the shelves in Cancun. So I dropped about 200 pesos and headed home, but WAIT, Oscar's is open. Time for some chlorine tablets for the pool floater. Another 200 pesos. Only got 12.
Then on to Inge's to pay back two borrrowed cholorine tablets and say hello to Rex.
That was about long enough for Boca to be in the kennel. When she got out, she made a few inappropriate bowel movements and it was time to intrude on Delfino's grief. She had been voiding about in the living room for a couple days, but Delfino had been unavailable while making arrangements with police and migracion to release Renee Wathelet's body for cremation.
As soon as she left, Carmen arrived and started making chaya water and a soup with chaya. I have been needing diuretics while my chronic kidney infection awaits a long enough time off antibiotics for a valid culture to determine which antibiotic it needs. I've done a few dealing with my teeth problems!
Lorena stopped by and we shared a few memories from the puzzle what was Renee. So sad.
Carmen was also changing linens and mopping when Delfino arrived. He seemed releived to finally get his hands on a puppy, and one so responsive to human touch. She's been sleeping with her paw in my hand and walks up to be petted.
Soli said Boca has become more outgoing and self assured since leaving her sisters. But her favorite toy is Sister, the bear that Gail got for her. When we move around the house, I say "Go get sister" and sister comes along. So Delfino provided an urgent care anti-parasite treatment and we started a new dog health card to chart her history. He'll be back later today to vaccinate her.
Sergio with the Colgate Smile stayed at the property he works on and Carmen pulled the area rug for him to wash this morning. I took a siesta, noting the weather really was changing! Not as hot, not quite as hot anyway.
And then I went to see Mauricio for my fall changes - a new haircut. Across the street, Deisy and Raul were ready to open and even though it had oil and protein, I had a salbute. Deisy did not know about Lora and was appalled. She was such a good doggie dog. You will like Boca, I said. Changes.


Life's a Beach! said...

A really long week and a half, that's for sure. Good and bad. Boca's definitely the good! Hope the kidneys get back on track.

IslaZina said...

Me too. This morning, spilled cranberry juice and water first sit down at the laptop, which is fine. Just mopped floor and changed Boca's pads. Feet have pillow tops.

Nancy said...

The restaurant Pp' it behind the church on the zocolo or in the colonia?

IslaZina said...

Behind the church in the zocalo.