September 20, 2009

Secure sleep

After just one week here, Boca has learned not only to play with toys, but to gather them in one place. Her coloring is showing more signs of being "ash" blonde with the black snout. And despite a case of worms and sometime lack of appetite, she has grown.
Carmen pointed out yesterday that her hind legs are now out of proportion.
And why did she awake to secure and alert? She didn't have to guard her mami.
Joel installed new locks AND deadbolts in the main house and one apartment and returns shortly to install the upstairs apartment. All of this is giving us a sense of security. But all of us are still wondering if Renee felt secure enough about her killer to let him in the apartment. Building neighbors have told an expat, yes. She said it was all right, as she locked the door behind her.

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