September 15, 2009

A cause is launched. Lora is not forgotten.

A now, the cause in a tri-lingual post from Lora's primary care vet.
In his letter in Spanish to the mayor, Delfino wrote:
El último de éstos, una perra esterilizada, vacunada y con una muy buena familia, fue tan severa su intoxicación que fue imposible hacer algo.
The last of these cases (was) one dog, sterlized, vaccinated and with one good family, gone because of severe intoxication it was impossible to do anything for.

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Island Nana said...

Thanks for allowing me to resurrect my High School French; I could read most of Delfino's letter to Alicia.
"c’est un scandale qui donne une très mauvaise image d’Isla Mujeres" = It's a scandal which gives Isla Mujeres a very bad image.

I hope his letter brings some positive results and Lora will not be forgotten.