September 20, 2009

These Mexicans....these Mexican places

I just finished reading about 140 comments on Renee Wathelet's death tagging the Toronto Globe & Mail article about her death which was published Saturday. Renee is screaming from heaven!
Just like the stupid reactions to the swine flu, which was adeptly handled by the national health authorities as a whole, the stupid reactions to Renee's murder would gall Renee.
The majority of readers responded with bigotry like I have not seen in the last 10 years, probably because I have spent so much time here.
To say, like many, that they just arrested someone to get Canadians off their backs is just plane crazy. To say it is her fault for letting the man into her apartment is also just plain crazy. To say they will not be visiting Mexico any time soon is their loss, the kind of thinking that has Renee screaming.
Renee would argue passionately with me about swine flu, how it should be kept under wraps. No, I argued, almost as passionately, a pandemic is developing. But in the meantime, she would say, children will go hungry because of the lack of tourism. Crime will increase. People will die.
To say a demented beast was produced from the swine flu scare would be wrong. But maybe, just maybe, Renee was on to how it works. She is screaming now because the world and her beloved Canadians are reacting so poorly.
"In a normal influenza, thousands die each year," she would argue. Her own case, she would be arguing, could have happened anywhere. RIP now Renee. I'll do the screaming.


Sue said...

Excellent post, Zina. I responded to a comment on the Montreal Gazette on Friday - the comment was simply something like "what's with the Mexicans? Is it the water?". SO ignorant to blame this on any nationality. Can't even blame it on men - women commit these crimes too. I really am appalled at the lack of intelligent thinking on the part of many who posted comments on the newspaper sites, just wanting to blame it all on Mexico. I'm sick of it. Thank you for taking up the cause on this one.

Moongrl722 said...

I tagged that person who wrote that, Sue, as 'inappropriate conduct' because it pissed me off!

jeanie said...

Very honest and down to earth post Zina.

Rum Runner said...

This is so true... people are ignorant. My belief is that if they don't want to come to Mexico then don't. They are the type to insult the beautiful people, country and culture that exists there. Good people, non-biased, will come and be better, respectful to the good people of Mexico.