August 26, 2009

Stupid bank. Really stupid.

I won't go on about the accountant who can't do things on time. He can be easily replaced. But Isla Mujeres only has one bank, an HSBC branch.
When I got my Mexican economic stimulus refund, the notice said I could take it to my local bank, specifically HSBC, to collect the 1312 pesos. In small print it said this notice expires July 31 but is valid for 180 days. It was delivered August 5.
I took it to the bank a couple weeks ago and they looked, sniffed, held it up to the air. Nope. It's expired. I said there's an 800 there for you to call. Well, only the manager has that phone privilege. She was impatient with the automated menu and suddenly said, "No, It has expired. You have to go to the tax office and get another piece of paper."
So yesterday morning found me in Cancun at the Hacienda. SAT. The Mexican IRS.
What's up? I told them as they mouthed the words "valid for another 180 days." Here's what they told me to do: Go to the HSBC branch next door to us. If you have any problems, come back.
Well, it took all to 30 seconds, got my refund and walked out to meet Carlos, my cabbie, who was checking out something similar for his retired father. Anyway. We're off!
Next to Dr. Yupit, the neurologist and internist, who took care of me at Galenia Hospital in June. Here's the labs. I'm still tired, can sleep all the time. My feet swell. A recent visitor is on gabapentin too and her hands and feet swell.
Well, he gave me something with that AND a pain killer that swells feet also to try. Two nights. I gave it to my favorite insomniac when I got home. But for the edema, he put me on a calcium channel blocker till my BP normalizes from the steriods. Six weeks, he reckons.
Took it before bed last night and all is well.
So Carlos and I were off. Called Mary Ann. She'd meet us in front of the internet cafe across from Ricardo's hospital and next to Chedraui. There she was! A skinny sight for sore eyes.
She's lost weight, who thought that was possible, during the six weeks her husband has been sick with H1N1 flu. He's lost weight, too, mostly from really healthy eating: Boiled chicken, carrots and chayote every day for breakfast. When he threatened to puke, they changed it. He got huevos Mexicanos yesterday. Two days before his release.
Yeah yeah. We expected him to be release yesterday. But it it is Mexico!
To fatten Mary Ann up, Carlos and I took her to El Cejas in Mercado 28. She had shrimp ceviche. The first this summer. Carlos and I had our usual. He and Mary Ann were the team that checked me into Galenia.
Walmart had 20 peso a kilo avacadoes (less than half the going rate) and Angus on sale. Costco had Ghirardeli brownie mix, mushroom ravioli and filled my presription.
Oh girls, I'm ready for your arrival on the first. Woohoo!


Islagringo said...

Here's my email:

Life's a Beach! said...

Zina, I recently had to handle a problem at my local Bank of America. There was a new Hispanic middle-age female manager. After I unsuccessfully dealt with her, I told Craig that I felt like I was in the bank on Isla. She had that total authoritative non-customer service 'tude. And it took us 3 phone calls and 3 trips to the bank to get it straightened out.

Hope you get all the meds straightened out and feel better!

Scottozoid said...

Oh baby do I wish I could go fatten up at El Cejas...

I hope everything works out with your Contadores Frijolitos...

Suerte y Fuerte Z!