August 19, 2009

Crime stoppers

Gilligan woke on Monday to find the battery had been taken from his motorcycle, a dirt bike that only needs a battery to run the lights. Tail lights were taken too! Neatly clipped with wire cutters.
When my bicycle was stolen earlier this summer, Gilligan, acting on a tip from Head of Housekeeping, tracked it down, stole in back, and slapped the guys, proving that in the Caribbean, vigilante justice sometimes is the most effective.
Gilligan's 700 peso loss was still settling in as he fidgeted with a Smith and Wesson burglar alarm I had never opened since bringing it 6 years ago. It was squawking when I came back from picking up Kate and Brian and their oodles of medical goods from MediWish in Cleveland. Dr. Salas, vice president of the Isla Mujeres Red Cross board, was on his way.
He came, looked and talked about the safety nets here and where the stuff would be allotted. Some will go to the Centro de Salud as well. They talked about getting supplies for the 12 bed hospital planned in the neighborhood and the regattas which could float stuff shipped to them.
Kate works at the university hospital medical research center in the lab while completing her PhD. Brian has a PhD in dermatology, which means he'll likely be developing skin treatments.
Then Brian, Kate and Gilligan and I went in search of dinner. We wound up at La Bruja, with Gilligan taking his bike. While we sat there, Brian and Gilligan noticed guys looking over his bike and wondering how it got there, since they took the battery! Ha! Busted.
Now, to get it back. Bruha's son, who caught the same guys climbing onto their roof to scout, sat one guy down to talk. He said he didn't have it, his buddies did. Roberto Jr. basically told him that if the battery wasn't returned in 24 hours, there would be a lot of repercussions because Gilligan is crazy and will whip his body until he can't walk. Then break their windows for further punishment and get the battery. Yep, that's what was said.
Kate and Brian had great fun with this. Brian's dad, an Australian MP, taught him a few things that Gilligan knows to hurt people. They laughed about that and then we went to Miguel's for mojitos.
Well, 36 hours later now and the battery isn't back. Look out chamacos. You'll wish you were back in Chiapas.


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IslaZina said...

Ted: Thanks for the recognition. I have posted the badge to the blog. I'll wear it with pride!

lagovistajenn said...

Great story Zina! I can't wait to find out what happens when Joshua catches them. What dummies. LOL
Congrats on your award. It is well deserved.
Miss you,