August 24, 2009

Tattoo artist all grown up

Luar stopped the other day and sat down. Zina, look at me. Do you remember me?
Do I know you, I responded. Yes! 15 years ago I offered to give you a tattoo. Uh, oh, uhmmm. Hey, did you weigh about 30 kilos less then? Si!
Luar! Luar Martinez was just starting out as a tattoo artist them on Isla, making house calls. At the time, I was at Hotel Caracol in downtown Isla Mujeres.
Luar, one of three anacronym sons of Raul, was passing through on his way back to Austin from Japan, where he was learning new color technigues.
His business in Austin, Ancient Ink, is quite successful.
My backside isn't ready. Look, these are Japanese colors made with thin reeds, he said pointing to new work on his sleeve. Wow! Intense.
But I'll just let the issue fester in my head. I like what my friend Kathryn has chosen. Daisies on her toes that she can shove into business pumps when showing houses at open houses. It's her own little secret. Well, I guess the client above has a secret, too. One that will give the crew on that first colonoscopy a real chuckle!


Curt in NC said...

who are his brother's on Isla?

IslaZina said...

His borthers are in Campeche. Ulra and Laur at their names, all Raul scrambled. Luar can be reached in Austin.

Vee said...

Those names are too funny, Zina!

lagovistajenn said...

I am going to have to look Luar up. I have been wanting another tatoo. A hidden one of course. One to honor my aunt and grandmother. I have a sketch that a friend did for me. Hopefully he can help me out. Love the name game Raul put on them.
Another great post with some great info.

Islagringo said...

So glad to hear he is doing well and prospering. I remember him as the town drunk, always around in his pee soaked jeans.

IslaZina said...

LOL. I missed that part of his development, thank God. No, he was on a tight schedule, here for 3 days in from Japan, heading home to Austin for the big fairs in Texas.