August 6, 2009

Odds and Ends, all of them

Sometimes life just hands you odds and ends! Lora has recovered from her accident, in that she will be ready to take a bath today if someone does it. Someone being Gilligan, aka Atom Ant.
Someone is 45 years and two days old today. I cooked as did he for his birthday party. Then I was too beat to go. About 35 people showed up at Spiral Island and Rishi was able to seat them all. Some on the roof, some inside, some around the edges.
Since the party location was changed at the last minute, Atom Ant delivered the food to Rishi's, came home for a shower and me, who would not go and fell asleep on the loveseat! Anyway, they had a great time.
Some more great time was had yesterday and he continued work on an amber carving pendant for Johanna, who left this morning, but we'll have to send it out, maybe with one of my September guests. A dolphin inside is becoming a seat turtle due to a bad fin.
Yes, Gilligan is on his feet now and will be moving in two weeks. He'll still do work around here, but he has a place he can make his jewelry at and sleep. And the September rentals were more than I hoped for, but a great way to kick off fall!
With prices to and from Cancun being around $300RT on Continental, American and probably better on Jet Blue, I am thinking of going to Sacramento to see Deb after another spinal surgery, but at those prices, I hope to be greeting guests!
Right now, there is gardening to be done, a constant job harvesting seeds, seeding new ones, pulling up dead perennials, picking mint aka yerba buena for Miguel. Maybe some chiles. The last couple papayas.
And I have to get the stuff ready to FedEx my accountant in the States before the extension deadline passes. It's always a lot of something! Odds and ends, all of them!


Islagringo said...

Tell Gilligan we send him birthday wishes and wish we had been there. Did he serve his famous chilpachole?

IslaZina said...

Chilpachole is too messy to be a party dish! I made "soy loaf" and a salmon spread and Philly with salsa; he made pesto and spinach in creme sauce for one bowl of spaghetti and one of cream, cheese and salchichas (bleh) for the other. There were crackets for the dip and spread.

Geotacs said...

that's life... odds and ends...