August 3, 2009

Stupid's accident

Lora, fondly called Stupid, is resting comfortably but does not want me to her to take her picture all doped up and ragged.
We began late this morning and she had not run for several days. Heading out at 7am, she evaded a few rough dogs by hiding inside the cart on the way into town. But she had fun going past the airport and for the first time noticed there were dogs on the other side of the cement fence and found their ways in and out. Sometimes when we went late at night, those dogs would be out and scare her into running back to the safety of the inside of the golf cart.
She went on leash into 7-Eleven, where we met Barbara from Texas, a blog reader who recognized us because of Lora.
So, after hitting the ATM and buying a cell card, we were heading home. I let Lora off leash to explore a favorite weedy area where the Bienvenidos a Isla Mujeres signs are. And she kept going.
She wouldn't respond to commands. A dark dog looking like a mean bulldog was with a man who looked to be a vagrant. Together Lora and fast friend tried assaulting cabs. Then they clashed, fighting each other, right into a taxi. It hit both of then, throwing them up on the hood. The cabbie shook them off and kept going.
Looking half dead, she crawled into the golf cart and laid down. The vagrant said something about her leg.
We got home and I texted Delfino, the vet. He was tending to a dog and a cat nearby who ate rat poison intended for rats in their home.
I gave her some water, which she threw up. Then she went into her pet carrier for a while. Later, she moved to her soft bed.
Delfino looked her over, found no broken limbs and gave her an anti inflammatory shot and me a bottle of similar syrup to give her twice a day.
She is resting comfortably and living up to Delfino's warning that the drugs would make her very hungry. She's a lucky dog. But who knows if she's still stupid.


Scottozoid said...

Pobrecita estupida!

IslaZina said...

She must have 7 lives. She's been hit now by five motor vehicles. Four cabs and the red Aguakan truck! She is stupid. Today, after 24 hours of anti inflammatories, she is looking good with a superficial wound to the bum leg. But she is excerizing caution and taking care of business at the curb.

Nancy said...

Awww, poor doggie dog! I'm so glad she wasn't hurt any worse. Lora is lucky she has a great mom and a vet who takes such good care of her.

Sue said...

Glad she's ok, Loco was in terrific pain after he got hit - the second day was the worst, he cried so hard trying to get out from under the bed. Sounds like Lora needs to stay on-leash - there are so many distractions out there now, it's just not safe any other way.

MD in Texas said...

Oh no! Poor Lora! I sure hope she feels better soon!