July 29, 2009

Say it ain't so!

It's been five days since I've blogged. At least I caught myself before it went any further.
Life in paradise isn't all great in summer. It's hotter than blazes, stuff needs repaired early and often, and there's getting ready for possible hurricanes. And a precious friend is here with her son and grandson, a 14-year-old who is a bit too smart for his own good, if you know what I mean.
We entertained the kid with a tour of Bottle Island yesterday and then a picnic meal and some Waverunner time. His dad gets seasick, so he was no fun!
Then Sergio from HiNaHa took him, but let him drive and instructed him from the back. The kid was in second heaven and so easy to get along with when he got back!
Not to mention that except for his gram and me, he was surround by strong males and they wre talking like equals to him. Gram and I got in the pool for some noodle excercises, then Kid Kyle, Rishi, his dad and before were knew it, we were surrounded. This was before the waverunner time with his dad and Sergio, the caretaker of HiNiHa, who taught Kyle how to waverun at safe speeds and to be vigilent of the waters.
Stopped at the bakery to their breakfast needs. Tonight, Gilligan takes him crabbing, probably with his dad, and Gram and I talk with the bead ladies and sit on the upper deck!
Meantime, repotting, replanting and maybe a pool dip! Ah, but first a little siesta! I've been up since 5, not that I need to explain myself!

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