July 15, 2009

Easy money

Tourists coming to the island see restaurant prices that would be a bargain back home and think the rental owners are living large every day.
I live on a half pension and Social Security Disability. It certainly is more money than most of my neighbors can rely on in a month. But their shops make money and know one knows what's inside their houses.
When I was hospitalized in June, the bill was $1,300US. Friday I have an appointment with the neurologist in charge of my case and pay him and three other consults a total of $13, 000 pesos. Life here goes this way: 200 pesos here, 500 there, 778 for phone and internet, 200 pesos to the cleaner. Only have one electric bill delivered so far, 2800 pesos. Are you getting the picture? So the other night's crabbing adventure with Gilligan was for him to prove that we can survive even an Armageddon and live like kings on this little island. And Gilligan has been working here in exchange for room and board since I only have at best 50 percent occupancies in the future and he need a place with a table for his jewelry crafting.
Hopefully the Mexican tax system will work as advertised and I will get tax credits i.e. cash credit on future taxes owed as part of the Mexican Stimulus for swine flu scare victims: The tourist sector.
That will enable me to come home to Ohio for a winter break or next spring for the summer. What I need in that garden is a money tree and some easy money.

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