July 11, 2009

Yeah, she had a hangover the next day!

Here's Delfino Guevara the vet with his daughter Berta and an assistant, waiting for Lora to go under from the sedative he gave her. She immediately looked happy. All this for a pedicure; she just doesn't like them.
An ear cleaning was also in order. Ear mites accompany ticks. And Lora got an anti tick shot and two days of parasite cleaning capsules for me to give her. A month ago, the ticks assaulted her and the capsules are to kill any eggs for heartworm.

Oncce she was totally under, the ear cleaning began. And I clean them daily myself, but can't go as deep as Delfino does.
Then the pedicure. She actually tolerated the front paws being done without anesthesia.
Back to the ear and ya, we're done. I took her back home in the golf cart with Berta riding with me and Delfino behind use to take Berta home.
My instructions were to watch her in case she stopped breathing. Better treatment than Michael Jackson got.
And she was so hung over yesterday, it was hard to get her to sit up! It happens.


Life's a Beach! said...

Sometimes those pedicures are rough on a girl!

lagovistajenn said...

Awww....poor doggie dog!

Scottozoid said...

Delfino Guevara has been one of my #1 heroes for many many years...great pics of the Doc in action! Thanks Zina!