July 13, 2009

In the heat of the night

It takes one minute from beginning for moon flowers to pop open in the late afternoon. They release a hypnotic scent. Then, after a night out, when the first rays of sun hit them, they collapse even more than the evening shower made these go!
I also have a variety of amaryllis that is nocturnal. These opened up in the evening and by midday were spent, the unopened two took over the next day. Now, the stem needs cut just like in the north, where amaryllis bulbs, usually red flowers, are sold for holiday giving.
Oh, next to the amaryllis is where my poinsettias are. Looks like I'll have to find a big pot for all the growing they've done so far. I have to look up the abuse I have to give them to make them bloom. I think it's light deprivation followed by full sun.
There's always something goin on in the garden. This morning's eggs will be with chilis and a little mint, both from the garden!


Sue said...

We noticed your moonflowers the other evening - are they from our seeds? Looks like you got a good plant going on there, lots of blooms and so close to the door, I hope the scent wafts inside for you.

IslaZina said...

Yes, the original plants were 2 or three seeds that sprouted. A bout of black thumb. Since then I have been harvesting a few seeds when we cut back.
Yesterday I had the little fence to keep animals out taken down to have a better view of the garden, meaning to sit out and watch them pop open one by one. But the front of the house is seldom open, so it does not drift in. Sad. But there is too much traffic to have those windows open.
Thank you for starting me with moon flowers!

Anonymous said...

Hey Z! We had those growing at our old house in Cleveland. I haven't been able to get them growing since we moved to Podunk. Love the pictures and glad you seem to be on the mend. Been worried about you. Kim