July 24, 2009

Miss Remiss

So, dear readers, you may have noticed that I have not written in a week or more. Let me 'splain.
I am still, but almost recovered from, dealing with my MS attack. It has been a slow process.
Doggy dog has been at my feet, getting fat. And fatter as Gilligan has found the way to make her happy. Chicken livers or chilaquiles? Sit pretty!!! Good girl. Not me. Lora.
I was doing PT in the above ground pool on the roof. Then we had a spell of hot and rainy weather. Yuck. Just a couple days of neglect and the pool turned green. Thick green.
Chlorine shock wasn't enough and we drained it partially. Then, Gilligan went into town and left it to fill. I woke up to Cheni pounding on the door the other evening. It was running out into the street.
So, I went up, shut off the hose and drained some more. The next day, Carmen came over and found wet books in the office. Called Ricardo, who came a day later. It wasn't pool water in the condenser. Worse.
Since we raised the garden beds and made then deeper, I didn't think anything about the AC drain, except that it kept the garden green.
But, with increased humidity, the drain hoses filled back up to the roof as the garden was saturated. The drain hoses filled the condenser from the top! Into the book cases. And up from the ground came a bubbling crude!
Yeah, yeah. That's the glamorous side of living in paradise. But wait, there's more!
For several weeks, I would notice an occassional bump or frank thunk from the golf cart. The motor is under the seat. I'd get up, take a look, and not see anything. The Gilligan took it to Ppe's, where Chuch checked it out and found the mount, made of some sort of thick robbery material, had all but crumbled. Crumbling is what it is doing today, just sitting there.
Due to previous history, Wilberth will be changing it and realigning the chassis. Tonight after work. He got the mounting block yesterday in Cancun.
There's still the matter of the fridge. Gilligan says it wants to vomit. I guess I have to clean! This weekend, I shall dance.


Sue said...

Seems to be a time of tough breaks, stress and illness. Same back here in Canada too - not sure what's going on. Hope things get sorted out soon.

Scottozoid said...

There is a time for dancing and a time for cleaning and a time for vomiting: glad you are recovering from the MS flareup: hang in there Zina!