May 1, 2009

Under the Influenza

The Skippers' Reception at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club's El Sol Del Sol Regatta yesterday was under the influence of influenza. It was Day of the Child in Mexico, the day Regatta participants have come to enjoy giving presents to children. Today, the boaters were to have taken the island's children aboard their boats for a race to Cancun and back.
The alternate plan is to race six boats in the name of each of the public schools and give the shool directors the gifts for the children. As the nation enters the first day of a total shutdown - no non essential government offices are to be opened, restaurants are being limited in seating, we are to practice social isolation - it's hard not to feel victimized. We are also taking an financial hit!
There have been no case of H1N1 influenza in Quintana Roo or Yucatan, two states with vibrant economies heavily dependent on tourism and culture. But we will stay home. Annual tax returns, always hand delivered, will go underlivered today, although my accountant is coming by at 11am for signatures. Tagging the golf cart will wait, too.
The kids, already off school til the 6th, will stay in the neigbhorhoods. A friend I met after the Regatta reception yesterday said it was curious that kids haven't been going to the beach. No, they are under the influenza. In a country where old wives tales abound, there are no cold beverages being enjoyed in my immediate vicinity. Cold beverages are believed to cause so throats.
No, were are under the influenza, to immerge in 5 days. And hopefully then there will be some answers about how we can to be on the verge of a pandemic.

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MD in Texas said...

I feel bad for the kids missing the annual event! :-(

I did read in today's Por Esto that a 62 year old man died in Q-Roo (didn't disclose where) and tests were being sent out to see if it was the N1H1 flu. I am praying it was not!