May 18, 2009

My childhood tree

When I was little, this sycamore tree was my tree house! Now that a park is being built on the grounds of the old Molly Stark Tuberculosis Hospital, east of Canton, OH, they want to tear it down!
I suppose because small kids can still reach the bottom branches, there is a perceived danger in this tree, which could hold a six year old girl out of her Mom's sight line, while she ate a pint of chocolate ice cream the hospital dietician would scoop into a Chinese-style carry out box and not tell Mom.
My brother went to the dedication and ground breaking of this park and there is a link to the property on a newspaper site I will post tomorrow.
A visit to Molly Stark Hospital in ruins is fascinating. A reminder that in the past, a pandemic had to be contained in hospitals that were virtual prisons.

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