May 12, 2009

REALLY slow!

I stayed home and cooked with my buddy and continued to fix lamps while Johanna went to town. She was shocked. Eight people at the beach, three of then in the water, two at Jax and 5 shopping in Centro. Hola, there is no H1N1 here!
We assured ourselves that night would be better and decided to go to Miquel's. Being sort of a sports bar, he had hockey on and the crowd inside kept growing and the rest of us sat outside. About 25 in all.
He was busier than Rolandi's, probably partly because his street isn't torn up, and than any of the other places we saw.
Ran into a couple of the May crowd, who had checked into Maria Letiticia, did a week at the Avalon, and are going back to Maria Leticia today.
Johanna is going to invite them to join us on our visit to Spiral Island for sunset. Ritchie Sowa's island of plastic botttles has been adding more, collected off the streets by my buddy, who's been putting them in saddle bags. Now, there is a sound fish het with closed tubs floating it while the saddle bags get pulled right it in.
It will be an interesting side trip for Johanna, who met with the bead ladies yesterday afternoon before heading into town. Meet again with them Thursday to produce the beads they asked her to buy.
The kids are being screened as they return to school. 10 were sent home yesterday for either having a cold or running a fever. Attendance is up this morning, too.
But unless people start coming back to the island, there will be no buyers of their necklaces!

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Life's a Beach! said...

Wish I could come! Some of it may also have to do with the economy. Job layoffs have worsened in the U.S. in addition to the swine flu scare. They're even predicting summer travel will be down even more that last year within the U.S.