May 2, 2009

Our little tempest

There is enough information out there about the distribution of H1N1/A, aka swine flu, that fueling panic by one's ill informed concerns serves no purpose.
There is a very competent doctor, Dr. Antonio Coronado, a man of conscience, in charge of investigating and reporting findings for our region of the state of Quintana Roo. Two corrupt administrations ago, he was believed to have been the victor in the municipal election that set into motion the various questionably attained developments on the island. Largely because of his honesty and human compassion, he overwhelmingly carried the neighborhoods in the popular vote for presidente, or mayor.
Now, as a health official for a government of his party, eventually victorious, he is in charge of investigating and reporting the potential emergence of the H1N1/A virus.
On a popular message board, a woman has said she has no faith in the reporting of health statistics, expressing her belief that they are tied to the tourism bureau. That is certainly her opinion, but just that.
Dr. Coronado, an ob-gyn, delivered many of the children on the island, His interest is not in tourism, but in protecting those children, not only from the influenza, but from the panic of their mothers.
It is easy to bash the medical delivery system in Mexico. Supplies are often hard to come by and expensive. But the government has a history of rallying in crisis.
After Hurricane Wilma, we were all given the opportunity for tetanus shots, flu shots, updates of hepatitis inoculation. Lack of money from the patients was no barrier. I expect no less than the same should there be an outbreak of swine flu here.
No good is served by expressing unfounded fears in public forums, or seeing plots where none exist. It is another good day in paradise.

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