May 21, 2009

Dodging ghosts in Cancun

On the way to the airport with Johanna, Carlos dropped me off at the Walmart Superama. I was not impressed, even though it had a nice selection of imported foods. It was shorter on salad fixin's than the one in downtown Cancun and was just a food store, so more shopping would be reguired.
By the looks of Walmart, it is business as usual. But the hotel zone is nearly abandoned
We went to the downtown Walmart for Bendettos' personal pan pizzas. Very yummy with sesame seeds on the edge of the crust. 30 pesos. Then to Europa, quick, and Costco for bulk cheese and a big pack of tuna for less than 10 pesos a can.
On our way back, I wanted to see the racoon/mongoose hide out in Puerto Juarez. These critters were imported when Cancun was being built to beat back the snakes
So the next trip to Cancun, Carlos is going to bring the tortillas which he says they just love! And I'll have a full report of the critters that rid the den of snakes (Can Cun in Maya) of its snakes.


Life's a Beach! said...

Mongooses! I can't say I really knew what one looked like! Looks like a ferret! I seem to remember they were introduced into the Hawaiian islands by sugar cane plantation owners who wanted to control their rat problems. And they ended up wiping out a lot of native species.

Scottozoid said...

yah you mess with Mamacita Natura at your own risk...

You said on your twitter that you paid the electric bill with Lora...are times so tough now that they are taking pets in barter for utility bills?

It would be so ironic if I tried to pay my TV Cable bill with my cat...I would be trading one idle worthless energy wasting pass time for another...

(I'm joking I love my Junior Cat bunches more than the stupid TV)

Scottozoid said...

Oh yeah BECK:

Are you sure the plural is "mongooses" and not "mongeese"?

lagovistajenn said...

I saw one of those things on Isla a few years back. It was just my hubby and on on the golfcart. The thing was moving her babies from one side of the road to the other. I took a bunch of pictures and showed them to a few locals and no one had ever seen one before and didn't know what it was. I came home to Houston and started trying to research what kind of animal it was. From what I gathered I thought it was a Kinkachu. Looks just like the ones here at the Austin zoo.
So, those things are called mongoose?