May 9, 2009

Golf cart flu now blue

Last Sunday, at the height of panico-demico, I took a ride toward town, thinking brunch. At the high speed bump new the ball fields, my windshield dropped and the aluminum frame cracked. Actually broke at the base at two points.
The roof was also dependant on what broke, but I just grabbed the windshield I had driven over when it fell, I opted for Soggy Peso baby back ribs and chicken, a smaller plate than the two slab standard! I plenty of leftovers for dogging trick training! Lora sits real pretty now, with both front paws in the air.
There were about 30 people when I was there, a far cry away from the couple hundred or so that Mal, Sal, Fredy and Yeyo serve on a typical Sunday. Swine flu panic at that point had killed no one in Quintana Roo but tourism.
Properly fed, and a bit socialized, I came home holding onto one side of the cart to keep the roof up.
My buddy came by and we came up with a plan: get new frame parts from a golf cart cemetery.
When he left, I thought, OMG, it's something he has not done before.
I picked up the phone and called Wilberth, my golf cart mechanic. He raced right over.
Said galvanized steel, primed and spray painted black would be the way to go at a cost of 400 pesos, about $30US, to the little old man who still fabricates out of his home.
While he was dismantling the roof support, he said the top should be painted now, now that the cart is 10 years old! With an oil based paint in spray gun, fffft, y ya! Done. Were it to continue unpainted, sun and salt "chemo" would cause it to break eventually!
The whole process took several days and several people who wanted to visit didn't because they didn't see the golf cart. It was in the carport, but without a roof, you really could see it unless you went right up to the house.
My buddy took care of it when it came home, ArmorAll-ing the seats and seams, floor, body. superwashing the windshield, treating the tires with ArmorAll too!
So, it's all better now. Some day. Wilberth will pick it up to paint the remaining aluminum black, for show. To make it look like a post millennium model!


Island Nana said...

Be careful you don't just slide off the seat on a curve - In my experience, Armor-all is VERY slippery - got it on my floor mats once!

IslaZina said...

It's only slippery for a day here! Then it gets cake with salt dust and no slide! And one can only hope for no chemo!

bakar said...

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