May 11, 2009

Return to normal....for residents of Isla Mujeres

Kafri is a high school girl who lives on my side street. This morning, 5 minutes before the 7am start of school, she was the last kid to catch a cab to school! But she made it.
Teachers had put in extra time sanitizing their buildings over the weekend, just to make sure any germs were gone. Not that anyone has come down the the H1N1 virus on Isla Mujeres.
However, if reservations to not resume, I do fear for the health of Islenos. Already fruit purchases are down. Instead of building up the immune system, cheap food is being eaten and it is less nutritious.
The pulled pork vendors were a long way from sell out at 9am yesterday. Johanna and I had our breakfast tacos around the corner at Elena's, after running Lora with the golf cart.
We had lunch ad Soggy Pesos and there were even less people than last week. Johanna then went to Centro looking for the May crowd, only to find apartments and small hotels with no guests at all.
It's just not right! There are more cases of the H1N1 flu in the US than in Mexico and there are none for hundreds of miles from here! The old flu shots did build immunity for it and a hotelier faulted the media for not saying so. But I learned it from on line newspapers!


Jamqueen said...

Hope things pick up soon! I'd come down if I could!

Nancy said...

Ditto what Jamqueen said...I really hope things improve soon. And I sure would come down if I could. I don't think we'll be back until March unfortunately. Wish I could be there for your birthday party!