May 14, 2009

Rishi's Spiral life

Even a 20 years, twice a year, visitor to Isla Mujeres like Johanna finds new things to explore! So we headed out to Rishi Sowa's Sprial Island the night before last for quick tour and a few songs, dedicated to us, made up from one work we picked.
But first, we had to wait for him to come home. Across the street from a hostel were the bags of plasctic bottles intended to keep the island floated and spiraling as the mangrove roots planted clean the water. We rode over on the ferry behind Johanna's right shoulder.

Sowa as a glass and mirrors oven he bakes a cookie/cake in and offered us a beverage made with orange juice and fermented sugar cane juice. He took us all around the island and Johanna climbed to the top, via an sand and stone stair case.
After the full tour, an explanation of the septic and solar systems, we sat inside, where Rishi sang and told us more stories about this island, in it's third reconstruction, which will soon be licensed as a barge, making it legal to park virtually anyway. But the protected waters of Lagua Makaax are perfect! Who'd want to leave Isla Mujeres even if you had your own island!

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Anonymous said...

Everybody thinks this is so wonderful. Who is going to clean up the mess after a hurricane. All that plastic is the water.