May 3, 2010

The sissies did it to me!

Kate and Deb, the sisters who call each other Sissy, and sometimes me, are gone. I got an email from Deb last night that she spent much of the day resting. We tempered our wine drinking with 6 oz Coronas called Coronitas. Yummy because it's always a cold beer!
And we were on a mango binge, me having bought 2 kilos of frozen mango and fresh mangoes on each corner. We'd whip out a blender for our nightcap of mango margaritas, well, using rum instead of tequila with Controy instead of Cointreau.
Still, consumption was not near what loved ones feared!
Teetotaler Johanna arrived Saturday and joined me for a day at HiNiHa with Sergio and his girlfriend Adreana and sister Julie from Toronto. And a guest there made paella that could have fed another 20 people. I'll post with pics tomorrow. Sergio is here working and it is going to be another hot one!
I've got to go to town and get some money from the ATM and buy paint for the new gates. It's already hot and still windy. Convection living.

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