May 21, 2010

Oh the joy!

Delfino's assistant "Witzy," whose name is actually spelled with a combination of letters including h, u, i....etc, gave Punta her first in shop pedicure Thursday. She also gave the dog an anti tick and flea shot and some anti parasite pills to give her this weekend.
It was a big day for the dog, who also went to the ATM with me and to a late lunch at La Bruja, where I had shrimp cocktail and she a few saltines.
We took a walk across the street from the restaurant, in the weeds, since she had not gone to do her business for a couple hours. Nothing!
She scared the beejeebers out of me when we got home, though. After hearing good reports about her street behavior from her walker, I was closing the gate and decided to unleash her so she could go to the bathroom in her sand garden on this side of the gate. She darted across the street!
I called for her and rather than sit down before crossing the street, which the walker said she always does, she darted in front of a car! Thunk, she was hit. I watched as she roller under it, just aghast. OH NO!
But she shook it off, ran right into the house, and to her potty pad. Even though we explored the weeds near La Bruja and elsewhere during our travels, she kept it in. Even immediately after being hit by a car! It did not scare the crap right out of her.
We have issues, potty issues.
The walker is going to get a full report tomorrow. This is very bad for a dog about to be care for by a stranger uncle for 5 weeks. He is, however, a good dog whisperer.


lagovistajenn said...

Oh Geez! Hope you can get her potty problems under control before you leave. Glad to hear she was not hurt.

Jamqueen said...

Glad to hear she is OK--

Sue said...

I'm so glad she wasn't hurt.