May 25, 2010

Who do I trust?

Blog readers have heard about Sergio before. When it's time to get out of Dodge, and the calendar clock is ticking away, who ya gonna call? Sergio!
He's painting over the faded paint of the fence and doing a bang up job on the new gates. He's coming early tomorrow so Mirka from Poland can chill herself in a clean pool without having to go elsewhere while she adjusts to the time difference. She came into the house this afternoon decidedly HOT in her travel clothes from a still chilly Poland.
Oh, she's worked with Bedouins in the heat. But here, we have humidity, the kind she won't get accustomed to quickly.
She'll be traveling through Mexico and Central America, probably going back home from Panama.
Tonight, after a hearty nap, we will probably go hear some live music in Centro. It's been two long travel days for the nomad!

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Moongrl722 said...

Oh, and he's adorable, too! :)