May 22, 2010

Beating the drum

They start early and young here, beating drums for politicians they cannot vote for. Yesterday's drum corps was for Hugo Sanchez, the PAN candidate to head the municipality in NEXT year's elections.
Like rolling thunder, this was the second night we were treated to the enthusiasm. Dr Antonio Coronado's campaign message blared in the distance on a big screen TV. So the object was to drown it out. This started in the afternoon and continue well past midnight.
This goes on for hours. Speeches in the park, more rolling thunder marches, more free shirts and, the other day, frying pans! Pans by PRI, I think it was!
So, although I had gotten up and done some work in the night, I was sound asleep when the dog walker arrived, she like a zombiel. Her neighbors kept the party going all night.

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