May 25, 2010

Check the horoscope

I feel like I'm living under a bad sign. I went to the paint store this morning to exchange paint that Sergio discovered yesterday was the wrong color. Yes, it was intense blue instead of intense greern.
So the guy who assists the manager went and got another gallon. Number 176, just like I brought back, not 177, which it should have been the first time. Intense green.
This is for painting the fence gates and touching up the fence, every other post orange and intense green.
Then I wanted the water green to touch up the side wall. No hay! The paint mixer is broke, will start working at 3:30p today. Sure. I did get a half gallon of the cantaloupe color of the north wall of the house.
Meantime, in my flurry of paperwork for various accountants in two countries, I lost my electric bills, due yesterday! Misplaced, I should say.
So here I am, it's getting hot and Sergio quit till it cools off. I am repackaging my paperwork. I am waiting for the head of housekeeping. And awaiting a guest tonight. Mirka from Poland, a humanitarian aide worker in desperate need of a break, is staying for free. Well, not really. She's bringing some mushrooms great for Christmas Eve rolls!
Back to the paper work. But first, check that horoscope!

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Jamqueen said...

Hope you find the bills & get everything taken care of!