May 13, 2010

Aquatic equivalent of scabies

I've had the itch since Monday morning. It is from sea lice, the auquatic equivalent of scabies. When presented with my history and symptoms, the pharmacist gave my renters a scabies treatment. Yes, it's a small mite or a larva of thimble jelly fish, Sergio said. It grows in the sea grass.
I got it Sunday while floating off HiNiHa amongst the sea grass.
It seemed to leave after the first use of the cream, so I guess I just stopped. It's been eating me ever since. Itchy owee.
Some of my internet research led me to tea tree oil and that along with returning to the original cream has helped a lot. Treatments include a ingredient commonly found in dog flea soap and all urge a chroline infused bath after treatment.
So I think I am ready for the flea soap this afternoon. I'll towel off rather than shake off like Punta and hopefully this is over!

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