May 15, 2010

The brink

Brink. I am on the brink of leaving the island! Well, in three weeks. I'll be going to Cleveland for a week and then to my Ohio home for a month. It's a great little town with a lot of my school friends still living there.
First, Cleveland, where I am trading a week staying with a couple who will then come to Isla and stay with me for a week. During that week, I'll get my neurological work up and my "feminine" work up. Sergio Abramov will host a happy hour nook for me and my Facebook and other friends at 5pm on Friday June 11. I hope to work in a lunch or two at Siam Cafe.
My birthday is the 13th, so I'll be heading south then on the 12th. Family parties, etc. because my brother's birthday is on the 16th. And Malvern!
Don't get me wrong, I love the island. But near Malvern, actually Minerva, there are fields of strawberries. You can pick 'em, you can buy 'em picked. You can eat 'em dipped in batter and fried and the multiple fairs and homecomings in the area. You can eat a quart a day and have the boyz at the American Legion tell you your elimination habits have changed due to the water used to water the strawberries, not your actual consumption.
,I am getting closer, but this trip will still not be long enough to make the Carroll County fair. Lots to see and do, but still I remain a fan of the demolition derby. Oh, french fries with vinegar. Lemonade made with real lemons.
Here, a woman can belly up to the Legion bar and be treated as an equal. Because I could whip their butts when I was younger. Or so I think. My boyfriend wouldn't really let me run with them, so who knows.
Oh I'm just getting carried away on a hot Isla Mujeres morning. Too lazy to go to the market for watermelon and papaya. Just waiting for the head of housekeeping to help me along, hoping for Sergio to start painting.
Life here is good. But, see ya'all soon!


Jamqueen said...

have a great time while you're NOB!

Moongrl722 said...

Have a wonderful trip. It sure is fun to go home and visit, isn't it? I have a 'list' of places and things in my hometown, that are musts, too. :)

k_heath said...

Yes Zina summer in OH has started, I made my first rubarb pie of the season last week, planted my veggie garden and flowers this week. I think it should be a good year for strawberries. Our annual firemans festival starts on June 2 and I am looking forward to the festival fries and funnel cake! Hope you have a great visit with family and friends.