April 30, 2010

Frankly, I'm beat!

I am surprised I have the strength to write at all! My best friend Deb and her sister Kate are upstairs now at noon, resting after Deb and I went for fruit and pork chops. The fruit for breakfast, but the Polish princesses are resting upstairs, in charge of making fruit salad here, downstairs.
I should have started the kraut by now, but I laid down after the market! And we have been good girls, hearty and healthy woman, not drinking to excess. Not doing anything to excess!
It has turned suddenly hot and humid and that is probably it. It is not arrid Sacramento nor typical for here this early in the year.
I called Ricardo yesterday because the girls did not have AC, nor did I, and they did not have hot water. Ants nesting in that heating element this time, just like last time with mine.
Ricardo fixed that, cleaned and adjusted their AC, set mine to go on and off with the breaker switch while the tech at the hardware store works on my remotes. Then we went to Zama yesterday.
This morning, after the market, Deb and I ran into the AC tech at the juice joint, and he had one remote on him that was already fixed, but I cannot use it because Ricardo set the AC to be controlled by the breaker box. So...
Do I want to slice onions and grate carrots if the girls do not want to come down and cut a pineapple and toast bagels?
They leave at 9a tomorrow and what do they have to show for their stay? Well, we did shop in Centro and we will get back, hopefully to go to Playa Norte and hang with some regatta sailors. But gee, I am beat. Sissies? Where are you?

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