April 12, 2010

Real people from Trip Advisor

Carlos and Silvia Hernandez wrote the latest review of Zina's Guest House, the one that made it No. 4 of 24 B & Bs in Isla Mujeres Trip Advisor rankings. Thanks guys! They commented today on the March blog entry I had written about them and now I am ready to continue with my story of these special people from the Bay Area, not far from Modesto.
Silvia works for Kaiser hospitals and as soon as they got here, they asked when I could take them to Alison and Isla Animals. Silivia had gleaned some scalpels, suture kits, sterile gloves and gauze for the spay and neuter clinics.
Carlos saved $100 by putting his change in a bowl daily over a year and then cashing it in. He gave it to Alison. We played with the dogs and had all kinds of fun. They missed their beagles, one a rescue dog.
When they left, they gave me two books, novels. They had brought two copies of each so they could read together and share comments.
"Walking in Circles before Lying Down" by Merrill Markoe is interesting. His owner hears her dog speak one day and soon hears most dogs thoughts, but never sees their lips move. This drives her to her shrink and Life Coach, who has been encouraging her to write a book. The novel has twists and turns and is a good read. But...
I really loved "The Art of Racing in the Rain" by Garth Stein. It's written in the dog's voice and Enzo has quite a story to tell as the dog of a race car driver who watches his racing films with Enzo and lets the TV educate Enzo while he's gone. Enzo is pretty sure life would be different if he had thumbs and could form words. When he dies, he is sure he'll come back as a human.
His master Denny's wife dies and Enzo gets old. But before the end he gets strapped into a race car with a sheet acting like a seat belt and is told to bark once to go slower, twice to go faster. He keeps barking twice.
As he gets older, he keeps praying he'll be put down, let go. Eventually he is. And he comes back as a human. To say more would give away a great ending. I found this book enchanting, as Silvia was sure I would!
"SilyCar," you gave me more than a terrific Trip Advisor review, you enabled me to see my dog in a different way and feel better about the deaths of my two previous dogs recently. And while you were here, you helped the dogs of the island in your visit to Alison's. Thank you.

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