April 21, 2010


Gardner and Mia Parker treated me to dinner the other night at LoLo's, along with a dozen of their friends from Houston. It was another fabulous meal by LoLo!
The "teaser" was lentile ceviche topped with yogurt. Then there were salads: the conch, carrot and ginger salad known as Lover's Salad, and a Thai salad of crispy ground meat and fresh veggies with a fish sauce based dressing. Then another teaser of four scallops in a tomato cream sauce. Gardner and Mia chose pork loin Florentine with mashed potatoes for their main course, I had the Morrocan chicken. Some had seafood cassoulet.
We play a game through the meal: say three things about yourself, one a lie. And then the others vote. Well, of my details, most thought I lied about being a ski and swimming instructor in my past and thought it really did have an out of wedlock son in high school who is now a doctor!
Gardner, for the record, did not play football in high school! And Mia IS a CPA born on April 15. No one believed a CFO in a football jersey had an accounting background. Some are better liars than others!
Then we were off to GardnerParkerville! Fayne's. And they danced! Woohoo. And Gardner climbed a ladder at the bar to touch the sign that says GardnerParkerville, put up to honor his 30 years of patronage on Isla Mujeres. Chucho accompanied the reveler's on keyboard with a drummer.
I bowed out at 1:30am and rested most of yesterday. Today, Mia accompanies me for an after lunch beverage and my revisit to the tattoo artist adjacent to Brisa's Grill. My eyeliner needs redone!

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Jane said...

Sounds like a fun game to play, if you don't mind surprises!