April 2, 2010

Look ma! No pencil!

When I was 12, my Mom handed me an eyebrow pencil and taught me how to use it. When I was 15, she bought me a bottle of henna, so I could make my eyebrows look like this.
Now, I'm all grown up. I sat for tattoos yesterday, Jeannine providing comic moral support.

When I was done, my brows were dark chocolate in color. By next week, they will be milk chocolate. For now, they are bleeding a bit as I wipe them down before applying Neosporin, 5 times a day. Next week, eyeliner and fill in any uneven coloring in the brows.
My mom, the original white-haired, browless wonder, would be brought. So would Lady Helena, who first colored my mom's eyebrows with henna when she was 14....without her parents' permission.

1 comment:

Moongrl722 said...

Can't wait to see the end result! I'd like to have my lips colored a little.