April 10, 2010

Two right hand men!

Carlos Tellas, my driver in Cancun, and Sergio Rodriguez, my handyman, are both my right hand men. I tried to explain the concept to Sergio and he says, "So you have two right hands!"
This brings me back to something my mother aid her whole life, that God possibly erred by not giving women four arms and hands. Quite possibly true, Mom. I couldn't have done what I did today without two right hands in addition to mine!
The twin beds/day beds, will be delivered April 18. With requests for suites with a bed for toddlers or a visiting mother for a new retiree, it only made sense to upgrade the suites this way.
So after a short rest, I will head to town to meet up with Al and Janette, and the folks from Portage County, Ohio. And I can shop in town for throws to made day beds out of the new beds. All in all, it should be a blast!

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