February 4, 2010

Salty dogs

Boca now has two beach days in a row in which she's played with Rishi Sowa's Johnny Boy, aka Joy Boy.
Yesterday a Swiss woman staying at Hi Ni Ha, home of my "secret beach club," took Boca into the sea for a swim. Even though Joy Boy plays and swims freely, and self commutes from
Spiral Island, Boca still seems to prefer the sweet water of a cement pond, and we haven't encouraged her to discover the pool at Hi Ni Ha, lest we wear out our welcome.
But Boca and Johnny Boy have had two glorious days in the sun, roughhousing, digging holes in the sand, roughhousing some
The couple from Philadelphia check out today and mommie and doggie are sticking close to home. So I'll be up on the roof when not working with the head of housekeeping. And after two days of sun and sea and three without a siesta, I might just take myself a siesta. Boca will appreciate that too. She's doggone tired!

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Life's a Beach! said...

Thank God for short-haired salty dogs. Otherwise, it'd be a mess! Looks like fun!