February 8, 2010

Russian love songs

It was another day at the beach at the hotelito on Sac Bajo that Sergio Rodriguez manages. Hi Ni Ha is the name and it is my idea of a true paradise. With flourishing gardens filled with all kinds of plants and his own tomatoes and herbs, getting to the water is great.
Boca loves the walk! And when we got to the beach bar, we had it to ourselves at first, Then Inge from Germany and Johanna from Switzerland joined us.
We did a little more talking than before and learned that Johanna and I have a love of the Russian language in common. Her mother was of Russian and Ukrainian descent.
So as Sergio went to restock the Coronitos, little Corona beers, just right to not get warm before you finish, Johann started singing Russian love songs to Boca! To make up for throwing her in the sea in retaliation for a scratch on her thigh from the previous day.
Boca and I loved the serinade!
Gail made ham and cheese paninis and I brough Sergio some of the beef vegetable soup I made. It was hearty: the bones and tendens helped create stock that was a firm gelatin when chilled!
Heated with some of the frozen sauteed celery/onion/parsley mix I froze, and other veggies, it was good!
So we spent the day like that. Me excercising in the sea. Boca playing with Johnny Boy and some children of Mexican friends of Sergio who had come to use the pool, watching the pleasure craft go by. Noshing on paninis and guacamole. A day in the sun, complete with Russian love songs.

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Jamqueen said...

sounds like a great day!