February 13, 2010

Fire destroys half the squatter community

TVISLAMUJERES, linked to my blog, had video and is now on Twitter with pics of the community effort to recover for the residents. Overnight, they were placed in the hurricane shelter.


lagovistajenn said...

I feel so sorry for all of these families. What can I do to help out??

IslaZina said...

I'm not sure. Carmen came by last night and we viewed the video and pics. Her son had just bought a generator and laptop and went to Carmen's for a wire or something. That was lost. He is a fisherman.
Maggie at LGES is collecting food, clothing and toiletries today and my guests and I will be taking items. We excpect the government, since the governor was here yesterday with aid and the mayor hasn't announced her part, to step up with construction materials. The governor appointed a construction manager. So, keep you ears open!