February 20, 2010

Soon, the new open air market

It's just been in the past few days that the new open air market is taking on a recognizable form. It is in La Gloria and will replace the market in Canotol, which is visible between the third and fourth posts from the left.
It is not far from the new football rapido, like indoor soccer, field and on the left, not visible here on the right( actually the front) is the new community center that will have a children's movie theater, to be dedicated any day now.
For taco fans, another bearing: The new mercado is very near "tacos campos" or Taqueria Cachuril. All walking distance from Zina's Guest House.
It will give the new SuperExpress a run for its money and hopefully the competition will benefit us all. The new super is out of view of the camera on the left.


Life's a Beach! said...

Hopefully it'll alleviate some of those lines at the supermercado in El Centro, and it's great for the people in the colonias!

Jackie said...

We wondered what that was going to be when we saw it in Jan. and October.