February 17, 2010

Fat Tuesday

The PEACE fundraiser at La Luna was a success! And I got a paint job from Caroline Beebe while there!
It was a crowded event, but it seemed people were a bit reluctant to bid on items in the silent auction. So, I walked away with the doggie basket for 500 pesos. Doggie blanket, new bowels, chew toys, fetch balls, bandana, brush.
I went with the women from Madison renting the downstairs unit and we separated when Jeannine and Gail and I went to dinner at ComoNos.
Going home, I hailed a cab and the woman, Lynnie and Mary, were in the cab. So we compared notes and they had a great time too!


Jane said...

You walked away with new bowels?

KfromMichigan said...

You look fab-u-loso!

IslaZina said...

Truly, new bowels would be amazing! New bowls. haha! It was early the morning after for me!