February 18, 2010

Surprise visit!

Felipe Nieves was my copy editor at The Plain Dealer. After I took the buyout, he became a closer friend.
He arrived with friends from Boston on Isla Mujeres on Fat Tuesday. After walking Hidalgo looking for me, and past ComoNo's several times, he went to the PEACE fundraiser at La Luna, where they told him I had already left. 'Twas not to be, since I was having dinner at ComoNo and he headed to the Zocalo for the show. So we just missed each other.
I was sitting around in a dress I turned into a nightgown (instead of the other way around!) when there was a knock and then a doorbell ring. It was Felipe!
After a quick kiss and a hug, he sat down and grabbed a newspaper to see if they had stopped publishing blood and guts! No!
We had diet Sprite and orange juice mixed since he had been bicyling. He parked the bike in my office and we went on a golf cart tour or the island.
Wow, he's amazed at the changes in one year. And the changes over the 15 years he's been coming to Isla Mujeres!
Then, we stopped at Mar y Sol. He was amazed. His idea of a dream spot. He carries a snorkel tube just in case and there is no just in case at Mar y Sol! He looked at suites in both buildings after wading the beach. And while he did, I talked to Gary Hicks from Cincinnati, who's written a book about a clown...a Clown College inductee...and in need of a copy editor. Felipe might be able to help!
And we were off to Punta Sur and back to my house.
Today, we'll have lunch at Vivian's Cubano after I have breakfast at the Navy Officers Wives' Club. Then, I'll go back to Mary y Sol for the taping of a segment for a cooking show. Why? A couple of the guests there have raised $3000 for Little Yellow School house by having little chili dinners in their home!

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