February 22, 2010

LYSH, you can raise money too!

Peggy Johnson of Ottawa, right front on the float brought to Mar y Sol, had an idea to raise money for the Little Yellow School House. Over the year, she and her husband held small chilli dinners in their house. Her husband Les had a special recipe involving several types of beans. He promises to share if for this blog!
Over the course of the nice weather in Ottawa, these snowbirds raised $3000 dollars. The intended all of it to go to the Little Yellow School House. But at the last minute, diverted $500 to help the victims in Haiti.
Over the weekend, they went to the special needs school with money in hand and presented it.

Pictured left to right are Maru ,a teacher's aide, Claudia, the head teacher, Paula the administrator, Les Wallace, Peggy, Lindell Upp Lehrer, donations coordinator, Malil Wall and Norma Wilson, all of Ottawa.
Peggy will also be helping this week at the Barracuda Tournament and Rockin'Country Music Fest on Isla Mujeres, hosted by Jax restaurant. It all starts Wednesday and the music of the beach across from Jax will feature Phil Vassar. You too can make a difference in this little school that services children with physical and learning handicaps and other impediments to eduction. Mexico's government provides no facilities for these children.


Jamqueen said...

Sounds like a great tournament for a wonderful cause!

Anonymous said...

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour..............................................