February 11, 2010

A case of tattoo-itis

So, I'm thinking of getting a tattoo. It came to me yesterday when I stopped at Brisas Grill and saw Steve Maddox leaving the tattoo shop in the adjacent area.
Now, don't panic, family. It's the eyebrows. It's the first time I noticed they do eyebrows there. Some beauty shops claim to and frankly I'd be scared.
But the tattoo shop just outside Brisa's Grill does impeccable work. So, I'm considering the alternative to eyebrow pencils and dyes. I had dying my eyebrows. There are very light blonde but full, so they need plucked afterward.
Well, it's just a thought that came to me after tuna sashimi as I was finishing a cabernet blanco! Call me impulsive. Not. This is something to really think about!


johanna said...

The area that is tattooed is sore and "runny" for a while. It also hurts more when they do it near bone. I have to say "ouch" on this idea.

Andrea Healey said...

If you decide to do it make sure you keep out of the sun until it is COMPLETELY healed! Tough for you there on Isla!

Jeanne said...

I have a friend who has had it done - her eyebrows and her eye lids (eyeliner). Both she and her sister did it on a whim and they love it!

Islagringo said...

If you are going to get it done, you have chosen the right place. I can attest that they do very good and careful work there.