January 30, 2010

Open arms

A week ago, a couple delightful guests were leaving Zina's Guest House. They are working on Isla Mujeres with Cristina Salas, Dr. Salas's wife, in HIV and pregnancy prevention instruction with Isla Mujeres' youth.
Anna Douglas, left, the director of PEACE-Isla Mujeres, had placed Kody and Lena here guest house for a week out of their two month mission on Isla Mujeres.
Next to Anna is Dr. Carlos Cabrera, the director of Abrazos Abiertos, Open Arms, from HIV Yucatan, Kody Dobeck and Lena Noecker, teaching interns and me, at a reception Jan. 22 at Casa Sirena.
The misson: "An educational program designed to reduce the spread of HIV infection and teenage pregnancy in Isla Mujeres by utilizing a peer on peer education program (TEAM Isla), where local youth will have an opportunity to gather together to learn facts about HIV prevention, pregnancy prevention and other sexual health topics in a safe, honest and caring environment. Under the supervision of PEACE Isla Mujeres, two experienced Instructors/Interns from Brazos Abiert (see http://www.hivyucatan.org/en/)will lead the youth groups."
Lena and Kody stayed up late with their lesson plans and left the apartment in the mornings armed with carrots and condoms, heading for the secondary school.
Their youthful looks are on their side in gaining the confidence of Isla Mujeres youth, vulnerable to teen age pregrancy and HIV because of ignorance and custom. Thanks for your work Abrazos Abiertos! And PEACE!


Nancy said...

Zina, that huipil you're wearing is absolutely beautiful. I've never seen one in those colors.

I didn't realize Anna Douglas was so young. Thank you for the information on two very worthy organizations.

Scottozoid said...

"armed with carrots and condoms" I like that...safe sex and safer salads

Jackie said...

Scott beat me to it. I was going to say something witty about the carrots and condoms too.
What a great thing that they are doing. I hope it helps.

Lena said...

Hi Zina, we just found your blog! Thank you so much for all your support!!!!! I am so glad we were able to meet you and stay in your guest house, we had a great time with you and Boca. Hope to see you soon.

here is a link to our blog: http://maestrosnomadas/blogspot.com