January 12, 2010

Skyline chill

During most of the 90s, I lived on the 17th floor of an 18 story apartment building on Lake Erie. I always liked hanging out on my balcony, tending to my tomato plants, feeding the red finches, hanging over the rail and looking down.
The towny side of the Penthouse level at Ixchel Condos gives a peak into Isla Mujeres' old cemetery, now being augmented by one on the road to Punta Sur.
But the old cemetery is quite and interesting sight from above. The stories buried within!
To the east, a corner of the Convention Center, the Secretreto shoreline, the municipal market...the rest of town. And the rest of town is what benefits from La Gloria English School. I love it's work. I love Mark and Donna's concept of donating a three night stay for a raffle to benefit the Scholarship Program. So I went out and bought 5 tickets ffrom Maggie Washa for a chance to stay another time.
Will I get luck again? Or, will you be blessed. Buying tickets is the only way to tell. And the real winners? The kids!
End of minivacation trip report. Almost. El Centro, learning English on his own, tomorrow.


MD in Texas said...

Great pictures and description!

Thanks so much for the free advertising of the LGES raffle! The raffle of the two properties will bring some much needed financing for scholarships!!

Nancy said...

Oh, I didn't realize you were one of the winners last year? Congratulations! I thought both winners were men.

IslaZina said...

I wasn't a winner. I was a renter.