January 10, 2010

It all started with the dog: My 48 hour vacation

Last Tuesday, before the start of my minication, Jennifer and her uncle Dale came over. This was before my cell phone purchase and pedicure.
Boca immidiately fell in love with this man, who sports a facial her much like hers. Then I bought a cell phone that is way smarter that me. It has an MP3 player, a camera, a video camera and software to computer edit.
At Ixchell Condos, I downloaded the software my second night. The first night, I went to dinner a LoLoLorena's after seeing the denist and having a mojito with Jennifer and Dale.
Then it was dinner at LoLos. LoLo was making appetizers when I got there.
To be continued...

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lagovistajenn said...

Boca was so much fun and my uncle is such a dog person. I knew they would be fast friends. Miss you =( Stay warm.