January 15, 2010

Just a skinned knee, now leave me alone!

Boca's encounter with a moped two days ago is but a memory and a scab. Elbow, knee, whatever you call them on dogs, was skinned.
She got an anti inflammatory and an antibiotic from Delfino, who came back 48 hours later and said she licked it well and needed no further treatment; no other injuries were found.
Now, we have issues. She has no street experience. Has never pooped or peed in a street. She is learning to open and close the back door so the doggie diapers can move to over a drain hole in the patio. But she needs some respect for the street. Can't really get that as a passenger in a golf cart. Sooooo....leash training? Obviously good. Street dogs might bother us. She is defenselss. Mom can beat them away, but vehicles?
The sound of cars and trucks scare her. That might be enough, but motos? What to do? We'll wait for Franny to get here and go to the beach house and think it over as she meets some beach dogs.
She got a tick repellan shot from Delfino yesterday, so now she is ready for those out of the way beaches!
Boca good doggy. Boca not street smart at all.


lagovistajenn said...

Awww...poor Boca. What was she doing on the street? Wish I was there. I would volunteer to take her for a walk every day.

IslaZina said...

Boca opened the front door, just as I have been teaching her to open the back, while I was talking to my mechanic in the garage and distracted. Baut, Federico's dog, had found some dead fish near the corner and showed her how yummy it was. He took the direct hit from the moped, she was glanced. She is humbled.