January 28, 2010

Acting out

Boca has taken my illness out on her "Brother." They had a nice relationship in which she would depants him and chew his tail. Now this.
She has not been able to get much attention from me in my misery. So, like any kid in the same boat, she acted out. Now there is no brother.
I am still not with it. In cleaning the table top today, I discovered I had not taken the third dose of the original Z Pack. So, I'll take it tomorrow.
I have been moving slowly today. I made a quick meatloaf. It tastes good and will store well. Later today, I will start a Crock Pot yogurt. I have decided to add an envelope of Knox gelatin to the warm milk as I mix in yogurt to get it started. That should resolve the separation of milkd solids and water.
I'm going to need that yogurt after all this misdosing and prolonged dosing with antibiotics. And Boca, she's done acting out now that I am up and coughing.
Carmen told me to make a tea strongly reinforced with crushed garlic, cinnamon and honey and lime. Seems very expectorant. That cough so disturbs Boca!


Anonymous said...

Hermano pobre !!!

Isla Chica

lagovistajenn said...

Are you getting better? Boca must be pretty pissed to tear up her friend like that. I will have to bring her a new toy when I come. I am sure I can find a few of Keegan's stuffed animals to pack up.